Our policy is aimed at achieving zero faults in quality.

The objective of our quality program is to ensure high standard of workmanship during the execution of work. Our project quality plan documents policies, details the activities and procedures, the responsibilities and authorities, the reference documentation and the auditing plan for all of the activities required to meet the quality requirements set forth in our quality program.

Continuous Optimisation

Our quality program ensures that we always do better. Our construction teams use information to improve our quality both in-field (corrective) and off-field (preventive). Our engineering departments work closely with our field teams to improve our overall approach through improved communication, use of better technology, and training. We evolve with time to ensure smarter ways to execute projects, helping our clients get ahead of their targets every time around.

Aspects covered by our Quality Program

  • Detailed engineering
  • Engineering and construction document and drawings control
  • Material procurement and subcontracting
  • Material management: Storage & Handling of material and equipment
  • Material identification & traceability
  • Process control (NDE, welding, concrete mixing and curing, etc.)
  • Method Statements and Checklists
  • Inspection, measuring, and test equipment management
  • Quality Control & Recording
  • Non conformances management
  • Corrective/preventive actions management
  • Personnel qualification and training.
Codes & Standards

D&D has experience with all international construction codes and standards including: