D&D provides construction and maintenance services for power plants,
co-generation plants, and industrial facilities worldwide.
We are committed to provide the power sector with the best construction and maintenance services to optimise the lifecycle and impact of plants and facilities.

Increase uptime
Improve ROI
The result is delivering power to the grid ahead of plan.

Our integrated coordination of all project construction facets allows for an effective plan for the most efficient approach throughout execution.
D&D helps clients prepare for the unforeseen, resulting in a successful and smooth project experience. On the job, our project control techniques track performance, identify trends and deviations against benchmarked historical data from previous sites, resulting in quick decision-making around the clock.

We guarantee the quality of our work. Our people are vetted in the field and educated on the latest methodologies, techniques and standards. Our rigorous approach to preparation of resources and activities has led us to an impeccable track record of improving uptime, while delivering projects safely, on time and on budget.
Guaranteed on-time project completion.

By managing the entire operation we can reduce downtime and increase performance of our clients assets.

Our in-depth expertise in turnaround management reduces outages which results in increased plant performance—without compromising on safety and quality.

D&D has successfully completed more than 100 major turnarounds, shutdowns and outages. Our turnaround teams follow a multi-phase approach consisting of our project assessment, project preparation, and project execution plans. Well ahead of the turnarounds, we work closely with our clients and partners to communicate and develop a progressive series of execution plans. Each turnaround is concluded with a post-project performance review to identify opportunities for improvement and better asset-related business planning moving forward.
Design, build, and operate. Your one-stop turnkey solution.

Our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) teams manage projects from design to turn-key delivery.
D&D offers an integrated and self-sufficient approach to EPCM projects, allowing the client to focus on its commitments to the market. Managing power projects takes more than just software tools and execution capabilities, it requires people with the right experience and knowledge to plan and deliver a successful project.

Our solutions are designed to be practical, while using the latest proven technologies and construction methods.Timely resource planning and procurement are key for preparation and successful construction execution. During the commissioning phase, our specialists focus on safety, housekeeping, on time and on spec handover by our construction teams.

The key to any maintenance job is to keep downtime at a minimum.

Rest assured that our maintenance team is prepared and ready to respond to any unexpected problems.

Each emergency scenario may present unique aspects. What is key to manage such conditions, is being able to effectively and safely offer a practical solution under pressure of time. To provide effective rapid response, we rapidly bring together a team with the right expertise, tools, and equipment to develop the optimal strategy to repair the issue and restore uptime.

We offer availability on-call, around the clock–no time is wasted.
Size and scale does not matter, it will be delivered safely and efficiently.

D&D has the skills, experience and equipment to facilitate the safe and efficient delivery of your precious cargo. We deliver both standard and unusual loads anywhere, on time and at the most competitive cost.
At the end of a plants lifecycle, it may be decommissioned, demolished, and recycled, or, relocated and repurposed. Each scenario poses challenges covered by our engineering and mechanical field services. We have extensive experience with demolition, dismantling or demobilisation of power plants and are familiar with pertinent authorities and regulations to offer world-wide relocation of assets.

For relocation at another site, reverse engineering the construction process is a vital aspect for either an entire plant or its re-usable components.

In order to deliver a safe, efficient and cost-effective relocation process, preparation is key. Setting up this type of procedure needs experience, inside knowledge and our specialist services and equipment to execute it in a manageable timescale. Our engineers carry out a detailed audit to uncover the best approach to the highly complex job of dismantling the plant — and how to most effectively lift, transport and re-install the main components, such as generators, turbines, heat exchangers and steam drums, at the new site.

We then develop the safest and most efficient supply chain route possible by considering the limitations of the old and new locations when transporting oversized and heavy items. This logistical analysis takes into account, for example, on-site possibilities for transporting these items, as well as the capacity and reach of our lifting equipment for the efficient dismantling and reconstruction of the components. Our aim is always to deliver a joined-up foundation-to-foundation solution that brings the relocated plant online as rapidly and smoothly as possible.

For any size job, we have to get our people, equipment and parts to the job site. We offer a unique and self-sufficient service.

We regularly hire specialised vessels to mobilise our equipment, tools, and heavy cargo for various projects. We offer the latest equipment and tool selection from hand-tools, hydraulic tools, valve reconditioning shops, refacing equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment and much more.

We manage people around the globe. Our growing data bank of over 2500 curated skilled craftsman allows us to meet your requirements with ease.

We stick to our core values and expect the same from all our team members, new recruits follow a ‘bottom-up’ training process to ensure these principles are understood and fundamental to the working environment. Our clients benefit by working with experienced specialists, passionate about what they do and eager to help our clients exceed their targets.
The long-term success of D&D depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our services while protecting people and the environment. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and great communication. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees and (sub)contractors.

D&D requires the active commitment to, and accountability for, QHSE from all employees and contractors. D&D Project managers have a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, QHSE policies and standards.

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Our policy is aimed at achieving zero faults in quality. The objective of our quality program is to ensure high standard of workmanship during the execution stages.

Our project quality plan documents policies, details the activities and procedures, the responsibilities and authorities, the reference documentation and the auditing plan for all of the activities required to meet the quality requirements set forth in the quality program.

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