Our History
We have an excellent reputation in all aspects of mechanical construction in the energy sector and downstream oil and gas operations. D&D was established in 1976, specialising in transportation, demolition, and construction, as an industrial contractor for Royal Dutch Shell in the Caribbean and Latin America. Since, D&D has grown to become one of the leading providers of complete engineering and industrial contracting services, operating in the (Dutch) Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East.

Our project teams ensure that ultimate efficiencies are reached whenever safe and possible. This has led to an impeccable track record for consistently delivering projects on time and on budget. Size does not matter, we manage a wide range of projects; it’s about time: up-time, turnaround-time, and time-to-market.
Meet Our Team
Each of our staff members is skilled in their discipline. We practice a flat organizational structure, promoting leadership and individual responsibility. Our teams are fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu and are familiar with applicable safety and quality industry norms, standards and regulations.


Shuraima Marchena

Expat Human Resource Officer

Marlon Candelaria

Human Resource Officer

Ulises Sanchez

Office Administrator


Murali Iyengar

Project Director

Stephen Constancia

Project Planner / Execution

Fabian Conception

Project Planner / Engineer

Radjif Maduro

Engineer / Execution

Christopher Penza

Safety Coordinator

Pedro Paulina

Sr. Estimator

Djodjo Wikromo


Roald Dennert

Procurement & Logistics


Ruli Bernardus


Oscar Molina


Eithel Felida

Safety Officer

Gerardo Vivas-Maldonado

Head Mechanic


Project managers are responsible for reporting to management. They are also charged with providing an overview of the planning of projects and work activities while also monitoring and directing them. They also manage changes to the contract and implement the quality system to meet project requirements.


Procurement specialist are in charge of purchasing all critical materials and supplies for projects. They review and advise project managers and coordinate the purchasing process.


Safety Managers provide a ‘full compliance approach’. Our managers are responsible for the overall execution of the safety program and are charged with the promotion of and achievement of zero accidents, injuries, and illnesses. They implement the safety program and assure adherence to the safety program.


Quality Managers and Quality Inspectors establish the project organization necessary for the development and implementation of the project quality system. They are also in charge of assigning responsibilities to the site management and lead quality inspectors for the implementation of the system.


The overall project planning and scheduling is the assigned task of the Project Planners. Their function is to supervise, along with the project managers, the activities of the planning department and to monitor the progress of projects.


Project Engineers are the technical leaders of projects. They are responsible for the defining the design criteria and review which need to be followed during the execution of the project.


Field Engineers are responsible for the technical site activities at the job site. They are Involved in installing and commissioning and interfacing with the technical department.


Job Preparers have a critical position with regards to our execution field team. Our job preparers ensure on time materials for respective field teams and disciplines.


Material Expeditors compile and maintain material and parts inventory and status information to expedite movement of material and parts to our job sites.


The job of the superintendents is to superintend our field organisations and all related activities. Our superintendents are individuals with broad perspective on the applicable skills and disciplines.


Our Supervisors are individuals with background and skill in defined disciplines. And they will verify whether or not assignments are carried out in accordance with their instructions.


Foremans provides direction to craftsman field teams of 10 people or less.


Our Plant Mechanics are skilled individuals. They adept at the use of heavy tools and equipment for mechanical repairs and construction accustomed in environments.


Our machine mechanics install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair stationary mechanical equipment. From inspecting, repairing, cleaning and maintaining industrial machinery and equipment to reading and interpreting blueprints and schematic drawings, they do it all.


Our certified welders offer years of experience and guaranteed quality in MIG, TIG and Stick welding. They are specialists in all types of welding, including:


Pipe fabrication is the process of fabricating predesigned piping systems or spools, through the process of pipe bending and welding. Our pipe fitters are able to work in almost any existing structure and conditions. This truly allows for full customization, making it one of the most valuable phases of the pipe fabrication process.


Our Steel Fabricators work with unfinished steel in the fabrication, assembly, repair and maintenance of both moveable and stationary structures. Their capabilities are not limited to:


Plant operators run the operation of an industrial plant ranging for thermal process units. Our plant operators have experience in the petrochemical, utility and material handling industries.


Heavy equipment is critical to our operations. Our Mobile Equipment Operators are licensed and skilled for the widest range of heavy lift and transport equipment.


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